The Next Moon Token ALM is Here! Good to Buy?

  • This article will cover the core about Allium Finance and ALM Tokenomics
  • Check out the working of ALM with streamlining future plans and scheduled releases
  • You will get an idea about the ALM token even distribution and its burn events milestones
  • Are you excited to watch what’s next? Here is a quarterly roadmap sketch!

Allium Finance (ALM) is a parent company working on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) protocol and Blockchain core 0.10.x codebase. On 4th May 2021, the firm launched a community-driven and growth fascinating decentralized open-source virtual asset- Allium.

The main goal of Allium is to attain high liquidity pools and quicker transaction volume. This will help assist the network for the profit of all of the engaged users. While working on the goals to achieve, some of the features are still under development and will be released soon.

According to the CEO of ALM, “Allium project currently has an open task and development environment. We own a highly accessible development team with multiple social networking boards and welcomes anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. We encourage people to attain their goals without any hurdles rather than behaving a gatekeeper or a hierarchical structure to seek permissions.”

The theoretical news says initial Proof of Work distribution phase was closed in August 2016 when DNET moved to the current Proof of Stake phase. So, we have built our token and portal on the latest protocols and structures trending with ease. Allium protocol uses a network of master nodes to operate as an openly visible decentralized governance and improve its transaction privacy.

We believe in uniting with the real world to perform better. Our aim is to make Allium Finance available everywhere in this market space. As you will agree that Defi is here to stay and ALM aims to be a major part of it.

#1 Fastest Mooning Token- Allium Finance

Allium tokens is the asset of Allium Finance created on blockchain protocols. The auto-liquidity and boost mechanism are said to be the key of Allium tokens. Now, it is directly available for purchase on PancakeSwap and BSC decentralized exchanges.

The tokens in swap will work with an auto-liquidity mechanism as to play safe every transaction is backed with the pool maintaining the burn events in multiple intervals. Allium tokens will be safely stored in the respective pool was future concerns.

We take care of the worst considering the market scenario and assure a high yielding/mooning Allium token experience to our holders. Our team has finalized to offer the best rewards and burn events with zero deflation. Allium is a yield and liquidity generation protocol that intends to directly rewards the holders, while rapidly increasing liquidity.

Allium Finance ALM Tokenomics

ALM Token Distribution according to the proportions allocated:

  • Liquidity- 25%
  • Marketing- 5%
  • Burn Event- 50%
  • Milestone Burn- 17.5%
  • Team- 2.5%

How Does ALM Work?

Our motive is to establish a community of moon token enthusiasts. Once the Allium is raised and known with a high number of addresses, we will try to attain the flexibility to improve the service and availability.

We are looking ahead to grab high-volume trading on decentralized exchange as well as centralized exchange, where the community will develop platforms to uplift and add more value to Allium. The team will also introduce new moon tokens in the coming future.

  1. Auto-Locking Liquidity

While transaction, almost 7% of every transaction is locked to liquidity forever. This is due to the response of volatile market ensuring continuous rising price floor.

  1. Automated Staking Rewards

The Allium holders currently receive an automated staking rewards worth 3% of every transaction performed. The user just needs to HOLD it and earn more $Allium daily and stake it anywhere.

  1. Permanent Burn

We have already announced that 50% of the total supply will be burned once the $Allium is launched. This step is to accumulate more tokens, efficiently eliminating them from circulation.

Future Plans and Pre-Scheduled Events

We recently introduced our Burn Event in the whitepaper released. To make the view understandable, in every phase, we will burn ALM tokens in terms of their trading volume on our crypto-to-crypto platform. This will continue till we have eliminated 50% of ALM.

The team will eventually burn 500000000000000 ALM tokens. ALM tokens once listed are deciding to explore its bond after its launch in fiat on-ramps to more countries. Let’s quickly go through the burn event milestones:

  • Milestone BURN 1

After 1000 Allium Holders accomplishment, 10% Allium will burn from Milestone burn supply worth (17.5% supply)

  • Milestone BURN 2

After 2500 Allium Holders accomplishment, 25% Allium will burn from Milestone burn supply worth (17.5% supply)

  • Milestone BURN 3

After 5000 Allium Holders accomplishment, 25% Allium will burn from Milestone burn worth supply (17.5% supply)

  • Milestone BURN 4

After 10000 Allium Holders accomplishment, 25% Allium will burn from Milestone burn worth supply (17.5% supply)

  • Milestone BURN 5

After 25000 Allium Holders accomplishment, 25% Allium will burn from Milestone burn.

Allium presents its Reward Balance System that offers exclusive benefits over reward split methods.

  1. This protocol might indirectly affect the total count of nodes existing in the network by diverse reward sizes to modifying its profitability versus staking.
  2. It can promote staking rewards when the master node count is high by raising its reward payment portion to maintain a high level of network security.
  3. Profitability of master node is intentionally higher than staking till the master node count remains below the equilibrium threshold that is approx. 40% of coin supply.
  4. It authenticates all coin owners to grab rewards for holding coins, hence giving them a fairer and less centralized system.

Behind our success, there are many supporting partners that have collaborated their efforts to bring in positive results and provide satisfying services. We would like to mention some of the supporters and credit them the success: Bit ExchanGe Digital Market, ICO Agency Exchange Currency, Crypto Forest, Digital Currency, BRZZNR Bitcoin, BTRC.IO, Crypto News, and ICO Network.

Allium Finance Road Map

The following mentioned procedures and releases are the outline of our design and development protocols. We have scheduled the applications and improvised deployment according to their preferences. Check out the detailed sketch of our pursued goals and upcoming announcements.

Q1 2021

Concept Generation: We have assembled all of the resources and team

Research and Execution: Figuring out the best technology and marketing strategy is already accomplished

Design: We have started our Project design and the Roadmap is live.

Q2 2021

Develop Token: We are developing tokens smart contract on the Binance Smart chain

Listing: We have initiated listing our token on PancakeSwap and another listing process is in action

Marketing and Bounty: All set to release Allium token bounty program to public token acquisition

Q3 2021

Begin Product: ALM is a Finance management blockchain application to be developed by the Allium team

Make Listing and Partnerships: We are planning to connect the platform expertise with more exchange platforms and crypto service providers for Allium Finance application usage.

Q4 2021

More operations: We have scheduled many more releases and application protocols to be launched soon like integration with private chains, more coin in Wallet, launch new tokens, etc.

Bottom Line

ALM token has been performing quite better than new tokens out there. It offers an opportunity to strike an anti-deflationary and community-driven cryptocurrency platform in this market ecosystem. The user can enjoy this event just holding rewards. We have much more to give like a reward balance system, LP acquisition, and dedicated burning.

Our sole intention is to ensure the security of the POS network and service integration. This will be attained by making an incentive to stake, subsequently exploring liquidity in exchanges. In return, it will control our growth rate and count of the master node network.

For any query and consultation, reach out to us at, Telegram, and Twitter.

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