Revolutionizing Memory Care: Sensay Unveils AI-Powered Digital Replicas for Dementia Support and Beyond

London, UK, March 11th, 2024, Chainwire

Sensay, a pioneering technology company at the intersection of AI and blockchain, today announced the imminent launch of its innovative platform designed to create autonomous lifelike AI Digital Replicas on-chain, marking a significant leap towards digital immortality. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Sensay offers limitless potential in the digital age, empowering users to retain ownership and monetize their digital twins.

A Bold Step for Dementia Patients and Beyond

Starting with a focus on dementia patients and their families, Sensay aims to provide immediate social impact by offering lifelike digital replicas for memory preservation and companionship. This groundbreaking approach addresses the urgent needs of over 55 million individuals worldwide affected by dementia, providing comfort and continuity for patients and their loved ones. Sensay has over 25,000 beta users on its platform with more joining every day.

Endless Possibilities with Digital Twins

Beyond dementia care, Sensay’s technology opens up a world of possibilities across various sectors, including education, healthcare, entertainment, and personal development. From preserving personal stories for generations to personalized learning and expert consultancy on demand, the potential applications are limitless. The team aims to revolutionize digital interaction by introducing a digital copy that can engage with gamers around the world 24/7 as a non-playable character (NPC), share skills and expertise with clients in any language, or serve as the ultimate personal assistant. This digital counterpart is designed to handle tasks such as taking introductory calls, booking restaurants, organizing travel, job hunting, and matchmaking, enhancing efficiency and connectivity in various aspects of life.

Empowerment Through Tokenization

As part of its mission to democratize technology, Sensay introduces the $SNSY token, enabling users to participate in the platform’s economy. Token holders will have access to exclusive rewards, early access to developments, and the ability to use tokens within the Sensay ecosystem.

The $SNSY token itself will act as a token of exchange between the Sensay Data Marketplace, its decentralized storage, and the autonomous Digital Replicas, therefore enabling users and owners of these Replicas to retain ownership and monetisation of their data.

The $SNSY token is on the Ethereum Network, audited by Hacken and Hashlock, with a LayerZero OFT (Omnichain Fungible Token) for ease of deployment to L2s like Arbitrum in the near future.

Partnerships and Public Sale Announcement

Sensay is proud to announce upcoming partnerships with leading organizations like HypersignID, Fetch AI, Banyan (Filecoin), AIOZ, LayerZero, Solv.Care, HeyGen, ElevenLabs, NowPayments, and SingularityNET. These collaborations will further enhance the platform’s capabilities and reach.

The public sale of $SNSY tokens is scheduled to start on 19th March, running approximately for three weeks unless sold out sooner. To date, the Sensay project has been bootstrapped by its founders, meaning no VCs, Pre or Private Sales to affect the public sale price. The public sale will be conducted in collaboration with Gempad, Enjinstarter, Poolz Finance and Fjord Foundry. This marks an exciting phase of Sensay’s journey, inviting investors and users to be part of a future where digital and physical realities converge.

Digital Replication in Safe Hands

Dan Thomson, Founder and CEO of Sensay, is at the forefront of the Digital Immortality movement, blending his visionary insights on digital replication with over seven years of experience in Web3 technology. An accomplished author on the subject, Thomson’s entrepreneurial journey includes the foundation of multiple startups, showcasing his unwavering commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good. Under his leadership, Sensay embarks on a mission to unlock the limitless potential of humanity globally, harnessing the power of AI and blockchain to create meaningful and lasting legacies.

Dan Thomson shares, “At Sensay, we’re not just creating technology; we’re weaving the fabric of a new digital era where every individual has the power to leave an indelible mark on the world. Our platform is a testament to the boundless possibilities that emerge when we envision our digital futures with empathy, innovation, and a deep commitment to societal impact.”

Sensay bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3, using decentralized infrastructure to power the next generation of AI Digital Replicas, keeping the power and opportunities of this amazing technology firmly in users’ hands. Whilst in Beta, Sensay remains free to use and create replicas.

About Sensay

Sensay is revolutionizing the way we think about digital identity and legacy in the digital era. By creating on-chain verified autonomous digital replicas, Sensay is not just creating a technological solution; it’s crafting a new paradigm for personal presence and legacy in the digital age. For more information, visit and engage with us on, and

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Users can join Sensay in embracing the future of digital identity and legacy.



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