Earning By Mining, Is a Klondike Of The 21st Century. Mining-Tron.Com

Mining-Tron.com is a company that started its history in 2018 in the cryptocurrency mining market. According to the zephyrnet.com, in early 2021, the company exceeded the capitalization level of $400,000,000 and has already paid out over $150,000,000 to its customers.

Daniel Sechi, the director of Mining-Tron.com, explained the secret of the company.

  • We started working with mining a long time ago, but our model of work in this industry is different from all our competitors. We do not work only for ourselves, we also work for our customers, because our customers invest their funds in our company and receive the capacity of our equipment. It is thanks to investments that we have become one of the leaders in the mining market, although initially the total capital of our company was $200,000.
  • First of all, it is important to stay up-to-date: we update the software of our miners every day. Due to this, we have the best profitability indicators among all competitors.
  • We also pay due attention to our clients, they are always aware of all events on any issue, their personal manager calls them and sends all the necessary reports. In addition to keeping our customers informed, we have a reliable security system in our mining farms. All the equipment is under 24/7 supervision and if some device gives incorrect indicators, within 5 minutes the maintenance team is already working to solve the problem.
  • We do everything to meet the expectations of our customers.

At the moment, we decided to increase the progressive percentage for our customers – now it is possible to get up to 37% of bonus capacities.

And we have reduced the entry amount of investment: now you can start earning even from $50.

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