Blossom Coin Looks Strong with a 540% Weekly Gain – Where to Buy BLOSM

Blossom Coin is one of the latest cryptocurrencies to be introduced in the market, and its price is already up by over 6% over the past 24 hours and 540% in a week.

Blossom Coin is an interesting cryptocurrency project that seeks to combat climate change by donating a portion of its transactions to charity. The funds are donated to multiple charities, with the choice of recipient based on a community vote.

At the time of writing this report, Blossom Coin is one of the best performers in the cryptocurrency market. At $0.00000001, BLOSM is still a very cheap cryptocurrency and has the potential to break higher over the coming hours and days. Its performance in the past week is a testament to how high the cryptocurrency’s price could go. The BLOSM/USD pair is trading in the green, and the cryptocurrency could cancel more zeros over the coming days.

Where to buy Blossom Coin to take advantage of potential price gains


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Why is Blossom Coin a Buy?

Blossom Coin is a buy at the moment because of its momentum as a new cryptocurrency. BLOSM is up by 540% over the past week and could record further gains as more traders and investors troop into the market.

The cryptocurrency’s environmental charity is another selling point as more people are concerned about the energy usage of cryptocurrencies. With a 24-hour trading volume of just $300,000, BLOSM could rally higher in the coming hours and days.

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Author: Hassan Maishera

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