BitTorrent Price Prediction for 2021 | Does BTT have a future?

All crypto users have enjoyed quite a profitable period from mid-2020 to the first month of 2021. Cryptocurrency smashed many barriers and kept rising against all odds. Like other cryptos, BitTorrent has had a good year. It has experienced over 2000% growth year to date. In this article, we will voice our own and market prediction of cryptocurrency. But before we delve in, let’s take a sneak peek at what BitTorrent is and its background.

About BitTorrent

BitTorrent was founded in  2001 as a file-sharing software over a peer-to-peer network.  File sharing, including downloading music, movies, and games using torrents, is the software’s primary function. The best part is that it has no file capacity limit.

In 2019, Tron Foundation acquired BitTorrent and established a BitTorrent token cryptocurrency (BTT) to provide incentives to the network users and expand its protocol. File providers receive BTT for sharing the file on the system while users spend BTT to request files or increase the download speed.

Currently, BitTorrent has about 100 million users with over 2 billion installations. It has a limit of 990 billion tokens. BitTorrent is the largest peer-to-peer software on the blockchain.

BitTorrent Predictions by Media

While BitTorrent experienced a slow start, it has picked up quite well, especially with the entry of Tron. All predictions show a potential price increase. In fact, an ICO  on Binance earlier in the year sold out in just 15 minutes. On April 6th, it reached an all-time high of $0.010589. Currently, it is hovering around $0.00589677.

TradingBeasts Bittorrent Price Prediction 2021

TradingBeasts comingles polynomial and linear regressions with historical data to provide cryptocurrency predictions. The platform forecasts the price of Bittorrent to reach $0.0044446 by the start of June 2021 and reach $ 0.004830  by the end of the year. The maximum price for cryptocurrency is projected to be $0.0060376, while the minimum price is estimated to be $ 0.0037779.

By December 2021, the site predicts the average price of the cryptocurrency will reach $ 0.0048301 ranging between a maximum price of $0.0060376 and a minimum of $0.0041056. In one year, the cryptocurrency is expected to trade at an average price of $0.0053071, while the maximum price is expected to reach $ 0.0066339 and $0.0045110 on the lower side.

By December 2024, the website expects the cryptocurrency to trade at an average price of $  0.0097058 on the higher side or fall to a minimum price of $ 0.0066000. The price is projected to average $0.0077647.

WalletInvestor Bittorrent Predictions

WalletInvestor terms BitTorrent as an “awesome” investment. The site predicts the price of Bittorrent to increase +1016.95% in the next five years. The cryptocurrency is expected to start in June at an average price of $0.00340 and increase throughout the month to reach $0.00426 on 30th June 2021.

Over the following months, the price is expected to increase steadily and eventually hit $0.006 in October 2021.  The wallet investor system predicts the price will close the year at an average price of $ 0.00748.

One year from now, the cryptocurrency is expected to trade at an average price of $0.0121. In five years, the price of the cryptocurrency is expected to reach $0.04 on average. To be precise, the wallet investor’s predictions forecast the average price of BitTorrent to hit an average price of $0.0477 while the minimum price trading between a minimum of $0.0340 and a maximum price of $0.0615.

Bittorrent Price Prediction by CryptoPredictions

CryptoPredictions predicts that Bittorrent will reach a new ATH of $0.031 in the second quarter of 2021. The site further continues with more positive predictions for Q3 of 2021 in which according to the site, the coin should open at $0.012 and reach a new ATH of 1$. In 2022 and 2023 the site expects that Bittorent will be traded in the price range $0.39 and $0.50.

Digital Coin Price Bittorrent Price Prediction

Currently trading at $0.00413442, expects the price of the Bittorrent cryptocurrency to experience steady growth. According to the platform, the highest the cryptocurrency can reach is $0.02016851 and reach the floor at $0.01657721 on the lowest side.

Generally, the platform’s predictions show the price will increase in the future, making the cryptocurrency a profitable investment.  According to their data, the price can double over the next two years to trade at $0.00916661 USD. In five years, the price is expected to reach $0.01455464.

Digital coin predicts Bittorrent will be trading at $0.01173 by May 2025. By the end of 2028, the price of Bittorrent is expected to reach $0.017401 if Digital Coin predictions are anything to go by. In general, based on the prediction, Digital coin posits that cryptocurrency is an excellent investment.

In October and November 2021, the price is expected to trade at $0.02. By May 2022, the piece of the cryptocurrency is expected to reach $0.05 and cross the $0.1 mark in January 2025. As per the prediction, BitTorrent is expected to close the year at $0.02 and reach $0.08 in December 2022. Additionally, the cryptocurrency is expected to be trading at $0.20 by December 2025. By the beginning of 2030, the site expects the cryptocurrency to trade at $0.36, reach  $0.43 in July 2030 and close the year at $0.45 (in December 2030).

Final Words

BitTorrent has grown significantly. It is among the top cryptocurrencies with a massive return on investment. In fact, it becomes one of the leading cryptocurrencies to smash the all-time high price set in December 2017. The price is expected to increase several fold to as much as 0.06 from the current $0.00414 going into the future. If you are a cryptocurrency investor, you will want to consider taking a keen interest in Bittorrent. As per the predictions, it has massive potential to multiply your wealth significantly.

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