A Complete Guide on Token Listings by TechToken Network!

For any blockchain startup looking to carve out a niche for itself in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the biggest determinant of whether or not you are ever going to make any inroads in that sphere is having your token or coin listed on an exchange platform.

Take a moment and think about what it will look like after you have successfully completed the Initial Coin Offering for your token or coin and your investors have put their money on your asset with their hopes on the high side.

Then all of a sudden, your token or coin fails to be listed on any trusted exchange platform. Well, this is unthinkable! You have just succeeded in building for yourself a community of irritated investors who will pounce on any opportunity to drag you out and crucify you.

This is not a good picture. It will turn into a wasted effort. Going through the rounds of creating a new crypto asset is not an easy endeavor. A lot of resources go into it, the time and energy also; and then all these end up in the waste bin just because exchange platforms could not list your digital asset.

Without your token getting any listing, your asset will not be visible for the users to trade it. So, it just remains with you. However, the exchange platforms are needed because when someone your token to use on your decentralized app, the user can then know the worth of the token in their hands.

Tech token network project is a Tron blockchain-based platform working on decentralized finance protocols to ensure their existing users choose the most trusted platforms. We are looking ahead to sign the agreement and make a contract with the best firms so that TCN holders can trade and invest without any worries.

Our team is all set to administer the criteria and tie-up standards to collaborate with the major exchange platforms to facilitate the user making profits with ease, comfortable interface, and skipping milestones.

We have sorted this article by mentioning our token listing, what to look for in an exchange, why to choose wisely, and how to list the tokens. Here, you have a great guide to look over and join our journey.

TCN Token and TCN Listing Strategy

TCN is a native token of the Tech token network project taking its base from the Tron network. With an aim of serving reliable blockchain technology services and protocols, we are fast becoming a valuable asset for other blockchain projects at even at a very cheap price.

We have a lot of round-the-clock satisfying service for its investors in the stock and even more that it plans to use in attracting potential customers. The recent application is TCN technology token TCN Box which includes open access, tokenized, decentralized network to enable smart infrastructure built around a decentralized digital economy.

The services the application will offers include AI-controlled travel booking and delivery. Freight and courier services on a global scale and DeFi platform for lending, staking, and farming for yielding high token assets.

Our listing strategy is very straightforward and clear. We already have an outstanding team. Our team represents a truly global project with members coming together from teams around the world.

Out of the 11 members that make up the team, 3 of them are coming from software and product management backgrounds, while the other 4 are blockchain veterans, who have worked in the industry as developers in addition to operations and business development managers. The team members are the same people that designed the software mechanics and development of TCN.

Why TCN Chose Coinsbit and JustSwap?

 Like we noted earlier, a great crypto project without any form of listing on exchanges, especially the ones with a great reputation is the same thing as a wasted effort. Recently, the tech token network announced TCN token listing on Coinsbit exchange and JustSwap platform.

This is a breakthrough in the TCN project. Coinsbit is a well-known global brand in the world of exchanges. Listing coins on such trusted exchange platforms will expose TCN tokens to more investors. Just the announcement about the Coinsbit alliance alone drove the price to more than a 40% rally.

Also, TCN holders can trade their tokens/coins with Bitcoin, Tron, and Tether as their trading pairs. These combinations are more likely used and major cryptocurrencies in the market ecosystem. The official announcement made by the Coinsbit platform explains that TCN token will start trading from 10th May 2021. More publicity equals more visibility and more investors. What else can be better?

This event is a good kickstart for TCN holders to attain their profits and make a huge investment with the trustworthy exchange platform. The same goes with JustSwap. Moreover, in the recent AMA session held, the experts’ TCN token price prediction to reach $1 right after the Coinsbit listing. Further, the price will hit the $5 range within 6 months of listing and $7 by the end of 2025. Let’s hope for the best!

What is it About Exchanges?

Corporate Finance Institute gave a simplistic definition of cryptocurrency exchanges as platforms that facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies for other assets, including digital and fiat currencies.

The exchange platforms act as a middle-man between a buyer and a seller to make money attaining commissions and transaction fees. They can also make money when customers pay for some of the products and services they offer on their platforms.

Exchange platforms are basically of two types- centralized and decentralized (DEX) cryptocurrency exchanges. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges act as an arbiter between a buyer and a seller of any digital asset. They tend to be more reliable because they are operated and controlled by a company, centralized exchanges offer more reliability.

We believe that just about 99% of all crypto transactions go through centralized exchanges. Conversely, decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) do not need go-betweens in any transaction. Tech token network is also a decentralized platform to stand out of the crowd.

They allow users to carry out peer-to-peer transactions without the need for any arbiter. So, decentralized exchanges do not handle the trading of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies.

Coinmonks currently pegs the number of exchanges at 390 crudely divided into three tiers – the top tier or large exchanges, medium and small exchanges. The larger exchanges are big on liquidity.

In the real sense of it, they are looking for a more faithful client base that your digital asset will bring to them that will also pay for some of the products they have in stock to sell to them. You will still benefit from this arrangement because your token will get to be seen by their customer base.

Listing a Token on an Exchange Platform

Getting your Tron blockchain-based Defi project listed on an exchange platform is not a walk in the park. It requires diligent, thorough, and patient efforts on the part of the project owners. This is very important as no exchange platform will accept any shabby or improperly presented crypto project.

The process of listing undergoes the same processes as if one was trying to list a new company on the stock exchange markets. The first things you need are professionals in the field of the cryptocurrency called ICO consultants in the case of cryptocurrency.

The work of the professional advisors is to guide you on making the right choices about how to go about meeting with the exchanges to put you in an advantaged position where the exchange platforms cannot resist your project.

We have carried out thorough research on different exchanges and what the destined platforms are looking out for in any cryptocurrency and work with you to make sure your crypto projects meet up those requirements and standards.

The first issue they look into is the issue of fees. They sit down with you and come up with a detailed analysis of the necessary fees to peg to the token. Along with that, they help you prepare your white paper. This is a detailed plan concerning what the project is and how it is going to run.

Things like the purpose of the token, its scalability, its liquidity, and adoption, how it works both for the developers, the holders, and the community, the issuance of the token showing the percentages allotted to each distribution stage, token release schedule BApp store and content discovery, payment services, your wallet type, the regulatory compliance, and the team you should work with.

Following the white paper, they also guide you in stipulating the problem which the token solves and its utility, the technological background of the token wherein it is running and the current status of the token.

Another very important piece of information to be included in the profile of the management team of the token issuer. This is very important as it will help the exchange platform in knowing which people you are working with – their pedigree and competence level.

Legal issues concerning the token and platform as it regards its area of registration and operation target area is also a very big consideration. They will want to know what laws exist in that area and how they will affect the token. Is it even a legal project in the first place in that area? Does the law support it or is it banned?

The purpose of all these is to ensure that the project is built on a solid structure and that is what it should even be. A project can be dead on arrival just because its structure is not looking like it should.

So, the catch in it is making sure you structure your project in such a way that even a blind man can see its solid foundation before you even go-ahead to start spending money developing it.

TCN’s Next Move!

TCN has come a long way and is not relenting. Coinsbit is making TCN available from the 10th of May, 2021 for buying and selling. Next, up is the Airdrop scheduled to start from the Q2 of 2021to TCN token holders. Following this initial Airdrop, watch out for other Airdrops from TCN. 24% of their total token are already designated for Airdrops during the 12 months after the first one.

TCN token presales have already commenced and have come to an end with a successful closure. Starting from the 15th of March, the first phase of the presale ensued. The third phase of the presale was supposed to end on the 30th of April but was graciously adjusted to now end on the 5th of May, 2021 so other potential investors could come in.

The TCN is the rave of the moment! The token price is still expected to rise from $0.1 to $0.5 in the month of May following the listing on Coinsbit. That is a 55% rally. Experts are also speculated it is going to hit $0.7 in the next four to five years. So, what are you waiting for? Get into the groove and arm yourself with as much TCN as you can carry.

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